We work with property developers and owners to co-create vibrant places and lasting communities.

We adopt an entrepreneurial, holistic and human-centred approach that enables our clients to create long-term value for their investors and the people who live and work in their buildings.
Why Work With Us?

 We have a deep understanding and practical experience of how to design and operate successful coliving, coworking and mixed-use properties.

We use our studio space called House of Transformation to host immersive workshops and pilot experimental projects and events that enable us to bring unique perspectives and creative solutions to our clients. 
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We are leading the placemaking strategy and design for Astir and Alive Places, a new firm in London with a mission of Making Living Better. 





We opened our own experimental design studio and event space called House of Transformation where we run our own experimental events and workshops, whilst testing our own assumptions around how to build authentic communities and design user-friendly, flexible, multi-use and nature inspired buildings and spaces



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We have worked with one of Sweden’s leading property developers Atrium Ljungberg to launch an innovation lab and co-creation process called Urban Forest to support the masterplanning and development of NobelBerget. 





We have worked with one of Latvia's leading commercial developers NP Properties to create the new sweet spot of Riga, with over 25,000 sqm of offices, apartments, shops, restaurants and event spaces.


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We helped launch a conscious coliving house in Ostermalm, Stockholm for over 50 residents. Tech Farm is now know as K9 Coliving. We created a self-run community around the shared purpose of ‘We Grow Together’.  


“The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.”

- John Naisbitt, Futurist

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Do the majority of renters aspire to live in a flashy, high-rise hotel-style apartment complex that ultimately becomes a transient place filled with international students and corporate contractors?

The ‘hotelification’ or ‘commodification’ of housing will only accelerate the social isolation and anxiety that people are already feeling. People might initially move into these developments out of necessity or because of the slick marketing, but will they stay or start looking for an alternative once they have settled into the city? After all that we have been through during the pandemic, surely this is the right moment to stop, reflect and challenge our own industry assumptions?
Re-imagining the Office Experience

Companies will rent significantly less private office space, preferring a hybrid model.  People will come to the office not to sit at a desk all day but to connect, learn and be inspired. Retail will also be forced to adapt.

 We see a major shift in commercial real estate from a traditional leasing approach towards an integrated management model where the same on-site team operates all the residential amenity, retail, basement and commercial use office units. Offices will no longer have single function spaces. All common areas will be accessible and bookable externally by non-members. There will be a vibrant programme of events, exhibitions, performances, wellness classes, pop-up retail and brand partnerships. 
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The phasing out of the EU’s Basic Payment Scheme combined with volatile weather, the prospect of stricter environmental taxes and increased shipping costs makes industrial farming commercially unviable.
We are working with landowners and farmers in the UK to enable a transition towards more regenerative and resilient land use models. From cohousing development, eco-tourism and events, to regenerative agriculture, natural capital brokerage and regional business development; we connect farmers and landowners to the ideas, talent and capital that they need to co-create thriving regenerative villages. 
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