Changing The World One Adventure At A Time...


We combine our expertise in fundraising, design, technology, online education

and community building to deliver Exponential Returns for our clients and partners.

Who we are and how we work...

The Exponentials is a business partnership dedicated to accelerating for-purpose entrepreneurship across the world. We are part incubator, part startup and part design studio. Our mission is to transform how the world thinks about business. Instead of the competitive ego driven mindset we want entrepreneurship to be defined by new values such as collaboration, contribution and clarity of purpose. If you believe that business is about more than just making money and you want to use your skills and talents to create an exponential impact in the world, then get in touch and build a partnership with us.


Our first priority and responsibility is to serve each other as partners so that we all have the freedom to live life in the way we wish. The most resilient partnerships are built when both life and work goals are aligned. 


We seek to create a dynamic self-managing culture that offers maximum flexibility to our partners and associates. To facilitate this we draw on some of the most cutting edge governance structures such as Holocracy and B-Corp.


As a partnership we commit to a culture of skill-sharing and collaboration. We share what we learn and discover on our Studio X Online platform. We embrace the belief that the more open and generous we are with our knowledge, networks and skills, the more value we create for ourselves and the world around us. Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin.


In the future, we hope to create a foundation that invests in the renovation of property across the world. We want to bring to life physical Studio X Spaces that combine live and work functions. Our intention is for these spaces to become a home for some of the brightest minds to gather, experiment and explore new solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. 


We believe in a new way of doing business built around collaboration, friendship and strong shared values. For us business is not about getting rich and showing off our wealth. This is a primative and ultimately destructive approach. Instead we believe in profiting through contribution and reinvesting our profits to create even more value in the world. We embrace a new organisational paradigm build around transparency, partnership, self-management and openness. Our collective purpose is simple... to 'give rocket fuel to the good guys'.




Written by Anton Chernikov, Founder and Lead Explorer at The Exponentials...


"In life the most precious resource that we have is our time. The ability to have genuine choice when it comes to how we spend our time is how I define freedom. So often we find ourselves in routines and jobs that limit our flexibility and prevent us from truly exploring the exciting and unexpected adventures that life and work have to offer. Ultimatley, all we have is our time and the people we share it with. So choose wisely!

For me Exponentials is more than a business, it is my philosophy. It is an expression of how I choose to live my life; with purpose, adventure,  imagination and autonomy.

My passion is learning. My skill is design. My secret weapon is my learning process.  I try to break everything I do down into simple actions that I can measure, observe, reflect on and improve. This is how I am able to generate exponential returns from my time. Everything I do leads to insights that I can use to develop new skills, unlock new opportunities, build my long term assets and get more done for less.


I do not believe in hierachy and traditional management and ownership structures. I believe in building partnerships that enable all parties involved to design and build a life and career on their own terms. 

If you share these values and would like to partner with us, please email

"When I graduated from UCL in September 2010 I was certain of one thing... I didn't want to be an architect. Instead, I wanted to see if I could make it in the world of business. The only problem was that I had no business experience, no network and very few marketable skills. On the other hand I did have boundless enthusiasm and a willingness to pitch my ideas to anyone who would give me the time to listen. 


Eventually, after a year of experimentation and freelancing I decided to join forces with a more experienced entrepreneur to start a social enterprise called GoodPeople. Within fifteen months we had raised over £1.5 million in grant funding and CSR dealflow from Nesta, The Cabinet Office, The Shard, BT and The Big Lottery Fund.


In September 2013, after two rollercoaster years at GoodPeople, I decided to leave my role as Founding Partner to start my own entrepreneurial adventure... The Exponentials."