By 2050, there will be 10 billion people alive on earth and over 70% of us will be living in cities.
How will we live together as our global population continues to grow exponentially?
We're building a regenerative world in an exponential age. 
Exponentials is a strategic consultancy working at the intersection of urban development, sustainability, technology and community. Our purpose is to build businesses that inspire a new way of living and working in the world. We specialise in the development of coliving and coworking campuses.
It's time a new architecture. 
Our philosophy is to think beyond the buildings and design places where people can truly come alive.  We embrace a new architecture that is rooted in the study and practice of human and organisational development.
Enabling co-creation to flow. 
At the heart of all successful business and real estate projects is a common vision, language and framework that enables diverse teams to effectively communicate and co-create. We have developed a universal co-creation process that we bring into our startup venture and client projects.

Property Developers & Investors

Community builders & Educators

Universal Co-creation Process

Designers & Architects

We balance a diverse range of consulting projects with our own in house startup ventures.
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We like to think of Exponentials as being a lifelong exploration into a new way of doing business, based on co-creation and partnership.

In times of increasing complexity and change we must accept that no single individual or organisation can have all the answers. In everything we do we adopt an ecosystem strategy and follow a co-creation process. Our goal is first to map out all of the different perspectives and then to work with your team and our extended networks to prototype and launch the best possible ideas and strategies. 

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How We Work



We create lighting fast brands, websites and presentations for clients with modest budgets and big ideas.



We dive deep into your business and work with you and your team to co-create disruptive digital products and services.



We partner with real estate developers to launch innovative coliving, coworking and cohousing projects.



We build and accelerate purpose-driven businesses in return for a profit share and/or equity.


"I started Exponentials in 2013 with the intention of building a business that gives me the freedom to live life on my own terms. Since then I have worked with dozens of businesses and helped them raise millions in funding and sales. And then, out of nowhere in 2016 I found myself in hospital fighting against a deadly brain disease. Thankfully, I made a miracle recovery and now have a stronger sense of purpose than ever before. I'm here to explore, to build, to create, to love and to squeeze as much magic out of life as possible. I welcome you to be part of the story. "

Anton Chernikov

Founder & Lead Explorer

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