IO Collective

The time has come to change the way we design and build organisations. The emergence of a global network of Imaginal Organisations (IOs) can lead us towards a more co-operative, sustainable and equitable future.

Recently, we have seen the emergence of a few thought leaders who embrace the principles of self-organisation. Frederic Laloux's 'Teal Organization’, Brian Robertson’s Holocracy, Rick Falkvinge’s Swarmwise, John Mackey’s Conscious Capitalism, Giles Hutchins’s The Nature of Business, Dave Grey’s Connected Companies and Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness at Zappos begin to point the way towards new non-hierarchical self-organising forms of governance.

The purpose of this manifesto is to build on their great work, and explore what it would be like if we empowered the next generation of entrepreneurs and graduates to build careers and businesses in a fundamentally different way. What if instead of going to work for the caterpillar company, the smartest millennials from across the world chose to create their own imaginal networks and ventures that could serve to regenerate and replenish our world?

This manifesto aims to paint you a picture of what a new ‘Imaginal’ reality could look like and then I will challenge you to get involved and make your contribution to building this new economy together.



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