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IO Collective 
Date of first IO Retreat : 8th-14th June 2016 at Candili, Greece

An experiment in collaboration. 


Why do some networks, communities and organisations thrive, whilst others fail? How can we prototype new forms of community and business partnerships? What are the buidling blocks of collaborative intelligence?


In June 2016 I will be organising an IO Retreat in a beautiful location in Greece with the purpose of exploring these questions and undertaking some ambitious collaborative projects together with some likeminded entrepreneurial friends.


We may have the opportunity to transform a beautiful 800 acre estate in Faracla, Greece into a world famous venue that brings together entrepreneurs, artists and makers from across the world. Think Burning Man meets Hooke Park meets Y-Combinator meets POC21 meets Enspiral meets Summit Mountain in a beautiful, biodiverse, fertile landscape just 2 hours drive from Athens.



Contact email : anton@exponentials.co.uk 

Websites : http://www.iocollective.xyz/ and http://www.euboea.io/ 

Sign up Typeform : https://exponentials.typeform.com/to/qSqjsK

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