Thriving in the Exponential Age. 


With cloud computing, social marketing and crowdfunding, traditional barriers to building and scaling new businesses are melting away. We are just beginning to explore the convergence of 21st century technologies such as digital communications, neuroscience, nanotechnology and bioengineering, and in doing so we are also becoming increasingly aware of the dangers that come with growing populations, social inequalities, climate change, pollution and resource scarcity.


It has never been a more exciting time to be alive and yet we have never faced such complex and global economic, social and environmental challenges. Whether you are an optimist or a realist, there is one truth that we can all agree on, we need more innovation and leadership if we are to overcome these challenges. We need entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to drive our markets, organisations and governments forward.




Unfortunately, the media has given business a bad name. The image of an entrepreneur on mainstream TV is still one that is defined by the pursuit of profit and personal gain. We believe this needs to change. Profit and impact should be aligned and no organisation should be designed will the sole purpose of making a few people 'mega rich'. Of course we should be rewarding leadership and risk taking, but we should do so in a way that avoids excessive wealth and encourages greater innovation and value creation, rather than stifling it.


"The bottom line is that 'The Market' should be benefiting everyone, not just the few."


The ideal we should all be striving for is that of 'perfect competition'. Today I will be on top. Tomorrow you will learn from me and find a way to deliver a better product and service. The day after that I will learn from you and then I will be on top again. By working collectively to build markets that are transparent, frictionless and value driven we can push humanity forward regardless of who wins or loses.




A great way to achieve this is through mobilising an avalanche of epic success stories that showcase the benefits of purposeful entrepreneurship. There is a place for doing good and charity, but this is not how you change things at a system level. Philanthropy, at best, plasters over the cracks.


"What we need is to build insanely profitable businesses that make social, economic and environmental injustice obsolete." 


We need impact driven entrepreneurs and organisations to 'make it big' and prove that purpose and profit can be aligned. It is through these success stories that we can truly remove market failures, political inefficiencies, unfair advantage and glass ceilings.




But how? How do we get impact driven entrepreneurs and organisations to scale fast? That's the problem that The Exponentials was created to solve.


We like to follow the mantra of think big, start small and learn fast. That's why first and foremost we offer consulting and design services to entrepreneurs and organisations that we believe have the potential to make a massive positive impact in the world. In some cases our consulting work turns into long term partnerships. In other cases we design and develop our own 'powered by The Exponentials' ventures and digital platforms.




We are a hybrid. On one side we are a design agency and on the other side we are a business accelerator. But one thing remains constant in all the work that we do; our core purpose is changing the fundamental nature of how business is done.


As Buckminster Fuller says... “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”