Paradigm Book Project

PARADIGM : Prototyping the Future for the Millennial Age

by Anton Chernikov and Giles Hutchins.


As we were writting our Opinion Paper, we realised that there was an opportunity to turn this research and thinking into a book and conference series called PARADIGM. 


(Here's the blurb...)


In their book Paradigm : Prototyping the Future for the Millennial Age; Anton Chernikov & Giles Hutchins offer a unique multi-generational perspective on the future of business. They dive deep into a new economy of purpose driven technology enabled ventures that are generating impacts and profits at an exponential rate. They map out the economic trends that are being driven by a workforce that has grown up with the internet. They explore new organisational models and conscious leadership styles. Finally, they bring all their research and ideas together into a collection of practical blueprints that readers can use to prototype their own future. 


Organisations that we will be researching for this book are as follows;


Factory X (Tom Chi) - San Fransisco

AirBnb (Brian Chesky & Peter Thiel) - San Fransisco

Second Home (Sam Alderton) - London

Thousand Network - Global

Enspiral - Global

Mycellium School

Berlin (TBC) - Steffen Stauber


We aim to select a few organisations from San Franscico, London and Berlin to provide a culturally diverse perspective of what the future of business could look like.


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