Adventure List : Our Portfolio of Client Projects and Ventures




Vilivo means ‘Village of Life’. Our vision is to build a more holistic, intelligent and sustainable world one home and community at a time. We provide the technological and cultural infrastructure that makes it possible for property developers to build smart mixed-use residential neighbourhoods, which would appeal to our target market of ‘new economy’ professionals and entrepreneurs. 


Euboea IO


Our plan is to transform an 800 acre estate on a the beautiful Greek island of Euboea into a dream space for the world's makers, entrepreneurs and artists to call their home.


Our goal is to inspire our guests to not only think big about their future, but also to take action and start building the future they wish to see.


Rocket CRM


A software tool that makes it easy for small teams to engage with complex networks of stakeholders. We combine contact management, email campaigns and note taking in a single application.


Maximise the value of your network.




StartupAid is a 'startup NGO', which prototypes and scales up digital tools and services for crisis regions. 


IO Collective


Prototyping new organisational structures and cultures. 


We will be convening a group of seriously smart entrepreneurial friends to discuss and prototype new collaborative models for building organisations and networks. We will be organising a retreat in April / May 2016.


Brainiac Club


Brainiac Club is a collectively owned learning company on a mission to make learning fun, relevant and social.


We are using the latest social technologies to connect young brainiacs (10-15 years) to some of the best brains from around the world.




PiCopter is the world's first DIY drone, built using the Raspberry Pi computer.


It's a fun new way for kids to learn maths and science.


Platform Genesis


We've been developing Platform Genesis since Feb 2014 with the goal of building a platform that merges the most useful functionality from Salesforce, Mailchimp and Wordpress. If you want to launch a digital platform that brings together a diverse community of stakeholders then

we can help you save a lot of time and resources. Get in touch.




StudentFunder is the ultimate fundraising platform for students that brings together crowdfunding with scholarships and loans.


We worked closely with the StudentFunder team to design their new platform, secure partnerships, build the team culture and raise funding.




We have partnered with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation to launch their first pop-up incubator called NEF X.


We are also working with NEF to upgrade their digital infrastructure and help them secure funding to scale the NEF programme nationwide.


Expert Impact


A new way for high net worth entrepreneurs and business leaders to give back. Expert Impact is a curated matching service between expert and aspiring entrepreneurs.


We have designed their new community platform and will continue to provide design and user experience support as Expert Impact scales internationally. Our techology partner on this project is AhaDesign.


Studio X Online


Wikipedia for Entrepreneurs.


We are using our Genesis technology to launch our very own learning marketplace for digital entrepreneurs and designers. If you would like to get involved in curating content for Studio X, please get in touch.


Give Vision


We are providing strategic design, business and fundraising support to an innovative technology startup called Vision Technologies Ltd. Their mission is to develop apps for Google glass that enable blind and visually impaired people to read, identify nearby objects and recognize the presense of their friends and loved ones.


The Investor Forum


We have designed the branding and website for The Investor Forum, who are seeking to position stwardship and long term thinking at the heart of investment decision making.


POWERful Women


We have designed the branding and launched a mentoring platform on behalf of The Department of Energy and Climate Change. POWERful (PfW) seeks to advance the professional growth and leadership development of women across the UK’s energy sector.




An education programme designed to unleash the innate passion that all students have to learn, succeed and grow.


We have incubated CoachBright from idea stage and will be supporting them with strategy, technology and design services for many years to come.




Cahootsy is a social shopping marketplace. Parents use Cahootsy to recommend and share bargains.


We were brought in as a partner by Biltsilk to design the front end user experience.


Hub Youth Academy


We are a faculty partner for the Hub Youth Academy. A core part of their programme is a two-week innovative social enterprise training focused on action and collaboration. Exponentials is leading on the UX, Design and Rapid Prototyping aspect of the programme.


Wolfson Innovate


We are the technology partner for, a new venture designed to encourage more innovation and collaboration within the Wolfson College alumni and student community.




We are providing business consulting, user experience, design and communications support to PhraseWise, a situational english learning app for international travellers.


Meta Learn


A branding project to support the explorations of Nasos Papadopoulos into the depths of learning theory and practice.


Colours Project


Painting in the moment. A collection of acrylic canvas and artworks painted by Anton Chernikov.