Studio X : Prototype the Future

We are re-imagining the business park. Our plan is to bring together an innovation lab, a dynamic modern workspace & a live work accelerator programme.


Our goal is to take over a rural property within 1.5hrs travel distance from London and transform it into a live work entrepreneurial campus that can provide a home for Millennial Ventures as well as be used as a venue for conferences, bespoke events and leadership retreats. Download out Pitch Deck.




Wouldn’t it be incredible to design a space where the next generation of leaders can come together to live, work and prototype the future together? Could this space become a blueprint for the future university campus?


Studio X seeks to answer these questions.


Our goal is to bring the spirit of Tech City (London) to the British countryside by transforming an abandoned brownfield site into a modern live-work entrepreneurial hub. When people come to Studio X they will be stepping into the future. The architecture will seek to establish a harmony between the old and the new. Imagine walking through a grand dining hall into a robotics laboratory and then into a permaculture garden only to find yourself discovering the treehouse village above you. Studio X seeks to provide a temporary home for some of the most talented and visionary minds. It is a place that fuses technology and nature. It is part eco-village, part accelerator and part business school. It is our belief that these forms of multi-purpose, entrepreneurial and high tech spaces will help to shape the universities or ‘learning ecosystems’ of the future.


The guiding principles behind the culture of the space will be as follows. 


The fusion of nature with technology.

Rather than neon white laboratories we want to create a space that encourages designers, makers and technologists to view their work within the context of our diverse and interconnected world. The simple act of being, living and working in natural, warm, human environments will be a profound experience that will nurture wisdom and empathy. The space will be a constant reminder to everyone of their connection to the earth and each other, whilst also being a space that embraces and encourages the development of the latest technologies, from robotics and AI to prefabrication and 3d printing. Imagine a high tech version of the Eames House, in a forest within an hour or two of Central London. That’s Studio X.


The fusion of life and work.

One of the defining features of Studio X is that we blur the boundaries between life and work. We break down the illlusion of separation that modern society and consumerism has created. We talk about wellbeing and lifestyle within the context of business. We talk about competition within the context of co-operation and share value. We create a family atmosphere and foster a culture of collaboration, openness and empathy. We cook together and actively participate in growing food on site. We pursue fun creative projects just for the love of it. We host events and build smart tree-houses for guest to stay. We want Studio X to feel like a playground where anything is possible. An oasis for the leaders of tomorrow.


The fusion of diverse cultures.

Diversity is crucial for developing both empathetic and culturally aware leaders. It is also an essential ingredient for innovation. Studio X will provide a temporary and permanent home to millennial entrepreneurs and makers who want to escape London’s expensive rents without sacrificing the spirit of innovation and opportunity and that comes from being in one of the greatest cities in the world. After all, London will only be an hour train ride away. Alongside this, Studio X will also provide a space for workshops, conferences and festivals. Companies can sign up as members to book regular private leadership retreats for their teams. We also want to encourage mentors from around the world to visit our Studio and provide guidance and support to the ventures. At the heart of Studio X will be a spirit of diversity and ongoing transformation as we bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders, designers, architects, engineers, developers and researchers into a beautiful dynamic space where they can invent the future, together.


We have found a location that is perfect for Studio X in West Berkshire. 


Please email to find out more.