Building the Smart Village
Re-imagining how we live and work for the 21st century by Anton Chernikov & Victor Vorski.

Designing for a post-urban entrepreneurial future. 


Today, much of what we call ‘work’ requires only a computer and an internet connection. Our ability to communicate and collaborate online makes it possible for much more fluid forms of organisation to exist. Designers, marketers, software developers, craftsmen, artists, creative and intellectual workers of all kinds now have access to an explosion of online sites which allow them to find work and sell their creations in the global marketplace. Increasingly it is becoming clear that project-based collaboration, self-employment, freelancing and the gig economy are the future of work.


We see an incredible opportunity to build smart villages for this emerging generation of entrepreneurial and creative professionals. To explore what makes this future feasible we dive deeper into the changing nature of work, the emergence of lifestyle design and the core drivers behind the inevitable entrepreneurial migration out of cities. 


We believe that there is a growing demand for smart villages where we can design our ideal balanced lives. Places where we can live in harmony with nature. We can create a safe and happy home for our families. And we don’t have to sacrifice our careers and dreams to make this happen.


 greed, political extremism and climate change is not going to make much of an impact. If we want to catalyse the emergence of a more collaborative, conscious and compassionate world we need to develop and share openly models for how to live and work together in a new way. 

Across Europe we are seeing the dramatic rise in house prices within major cities. Urban life is hard for young families, freelancers and entrepreneurs. At the same time each year the number of abandoned rural villages grows, especially in Spain, Greece and Portugal. Scores of ruined villages in inspiring nature filled settings await a new dream and a new entrepreneurial energy to rebuild and repopulate them. 


Today, we all have an opportunity to contribute to a growing movement to build the places, networks and blueprints needed to drive forward an economic and cultural revolution. We can build a better future one community, one smart village at a time. 



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